Overview of the Slot Game Little Bighorn

The Battle of Little Bighorn, also known as the Battle of Greasy Grass and Custer’s Last Stand, is the inspiration for Nolimit City’s Little Bighorn slot machine. The conflict was a skirmish between the 7th Cavalry Regiment and members of the Arapaho, Northern Cheyenne, and Lakota Sioux tribes; the US Army came out on the losing end. There have been paintings, films, novels, video games, documentaries, podcasts, and now an online slot machine based on the battle that occurred on June 25–26, 1876, on the Little Bighorn River in the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana.

Little Bighorn is the name of the slot machine in question, and its setting is one of Nolimit City’s favorites: the Wild West of the late 19th century. By the way, with its free-roaming buffalo and tumbleweed-filled ghost towns, the state of Montana is often regarded as one of the greatest places to have a genuine Wild West adventure. The action in Little Bighorn takes place on the grasslands beneath a dark amber sky close to a rock wall formation that serves as a barrier, rather than in any of the game’s fictional settlements. Knowing what NLC are capable of, it’s a touch lackluster and basic looking, but it gets the job done. In the centre is a game grid decorated with period-appropriate emblems and characters, grouped in an unconventional 3-4-5-3-2 arrangement and offering 360 possible winning combinations. The soundtrack, which plods melancholy during the main game but turns up the Dick Dale dial during the bonus rounds, completes the image.

Now for some numbers: the maximum return to player (RTP) is 96.06% while betting consistently between 20 p/c and £/€100 every spin, and it rises to 96.1% when the Scalp Bet is activated, which raises the stake by 50%. When the Scalp Bet is activated, the second reel will always produce a Totem Scatter. The game may be enjoyed on any platform, and its level of volatility has been ranked as “Extreme” (10 out of 10).

There are 10 normal payments and winning ways can be between three and five symbols long. Five weapons represent the low wages, and five individuals, including Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, and Two Moon, represent the high wages. Players that get five of a kind with either the weapons or the humans can earn between 1.5 and 3.75 times their initial wager. Wilds appear on all reels as 1×1 icons, replacing for other symbols and awarding payouts of up to 3.75 times the wager for 5 of a kind.

Slot Functions in Little Big Horn

Little Bighorn has so many great qualities that you might want to get some munchies and settle down for the ride. They aren’t as puzzling as they could have been, though. We’ll have to wade through xMount Scalp Wilds, Totem Wilds, No Mercy Scatters, Spirit Call Respins, Scalp Free Spins, Spirit Call Free Spins, and the Nolimit Bonus to reach the end of this section.

xMount – Head Bangin’

Scalp Wilds are restricted to the fifth reel. Every American soldier is converted into a wild symbol when one of these bombs goes off. After that, the Scalp Wild shifts position to fill the full screen. The American solider symbols are scalped after each nudge, making them wild and increasing their multiplier by 1. The number of symbols on a given reel is reflected in the multiplier value.

Tribal Totems

In both the regular game and the Scalp Free Spins, the Totem Scatter can appear on reels 2, 3, or 4. Totem Scatters may only appear on reels 3, 4, and 5 during Spirit Call Free Spins. If you get 1 or 2 Totem Scatters while playing the standard game, they will turn into expanding wilds that cover a whole reel. If a Totem Scatter appears during the bonus round, it will turn into an expanding wild and add one more free game to your total. Scalp Free Spins are triggered by landing three Totem Scatters anywhere in the base.

No Remorse, Respin of the Spirit’s Call

The No Mercy Scatter symbol appears exclusively on reel 5. Landing in the main game will initiate a Spirit Call Respin. After the No Mercy Scatter lands on the first reel, a respin is played. The scatter then becomes a substitute for the following icons:

The Sitting Bull feature, when activated, expands to include all instances of the pay symbol type currently in view.

Wilds are substituted for all other symbols save the Crazy Horse pay symbols. The value of all matching symbols on the reels is multiplied by one for each Crazy Horse icon present.

Make all Two Moons icons wild with the Two Moons feature.

Hair Twirls

The Totem Scatters can be landed for 8 Scalp Free Games. Each Scalp Wild that appears during free spins adds one to the round’s win multiplier. Up until the feature’s conclusion, the win multiplier will remain unchanged. When Totem Scatters appear, they grow into wilds and add one more free game to the player’s total. In addition, the Spirit Call Free Spins feature is activated and +2 free spins are awarded if a No Mercy Scatter appears.

Free-Spin Spirit-Based Calls

In the standard game, you may trigger 10 Spirit Call Free Spins by landing 3 Totem Scatters and 1 No Mercy Scatter. Scalp Free Spins function in the same way, except that a No Mercy Scatter remains fixed on the first reel throughout and the grid reorganizes itself into a 2-3-4-5-3 configuration. The No Mercy Scatter can turn into a wild Sitting Horse, Crazy Horse, or Two Moon symbol on each free spin, with results identical to those of the Spirit Call Respin.

Uncapped Benefits

To purchase Scalp Freespins at 77x the wager (96.19% RTP) or Spirit Call Freespins at 490x the bet (96.02% RTP), click the star icon to access the Nolimit Bonus menu. The final choice costs 159.5x the wager and has a 96.29% RTP, but only a 20% chance of triggering Spirit Call Free Spins or an 80% chance of triggering Scalp Free Spins.

Slot Decision in Little Bighorn Case

If someone were to attempt developing a slot machine about the Battle of Little Bighorn, it would be Nolimit City. Again, it’s the kind of subject matter that many other studios would want to ignore for fear of stoking controversy. Nolimit City has successfully navigated this tricky terrain, ensuring that Little Bighorn is just sufficiently edgy to appeal to a sizable portion of the gaming industry without going over the top. Of course, not everyone will agree with you, and it remains to be seen whether or not this topic strikes a chord with readers. In any case, Little Bighorn is more intellectually stimulating than other Native American-themed slot machines.

We did not get the impression while testing that Little Bighorn was one of the Nolimit City monsters waiting to savage, or in this instance, scalp, the hapless gamer. that only took around 16 spins to reach the first bonus round, and either that or the following one (if memory serves) was upgraded to Spirit Call Freespins. Strangely lacking was the uphill both ways fight that usually begins when taking on a Nolimit City game. At least somewhat. Just so we’re clear, this is a “extremely volatile” position, so don’t go in expecting a jolly stroll through the gorges. It felt almost gratuitous to park a scatter symbol on the second reel when you pay for the xBet, and you also receive a full-reel expanding wild. Take Tombstone RIP and Remember Gulag, for example, where the xBet is characterized as a “Sacrifice for a more brutal, but less awarding base game” by the development team. When compared to Little Bighorn, xBet growing Totem Scatter, which was released by Nolimit City, seems almost kind.

The games in Little Bighorn are easier to pick up and play than those in Nolimit City. Each unique sign has a purpose, and when all of them are working together, the action is straightforward to follow. There were no “knife-flying” spins when everything is shredded, symbols are divided, the kitchen sink is thrown in, and awards are given out before the player has a chance to figure out what’s going on. Little Bighorn is not a game that requires constant mental catch-up, but it doesn’t make it any easier. This brings us to the potential, which is also lower than typical at 25,676 times the wager but still respectable.

In conclusion, compared to other Westerns like Tombstone RIP, San Quentin xWays, or The Border, Little Bighorn was not as innovative. But Little Bighorn takes a different tack, and it’s worth checking out whether you’re in the market for a Western/Native American-themed slot or a simpler take on the Nolimit City experience.