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Keno, a lottery-based game of chance, is greatly adored for its high value entertainment and wild life-changing payouts, despite its very easy rules and absolutely no strategy. In modern times, the game has spread from its original casino setting to other venues, like as bars and nightclubs, where it is enjoyed by many casual gamblers looking to unwind after a long day. Playing Keno sound like fun to you? CasinoTop10’s Keno Rules page makes it easy to learn the game and start playing.

Land-Based Keno Games

Keno is just a glorified lottery game. A standard paper Keno card has 80 numbered squares and is used to play the game of chance. Live Keno and Video Keno are the two main types of Keno offered at brick-and-mortar casinos. Live Keno is played on a traditional Keno machine, whereas Video Keno is played digitally on a computer. Both the Live Keno version and the video keno game seen in land-based casinos have players circle one or more numbers by either touching the screen or inputting them.

Online Keno

In contrast, a digitalized Keno card is used when playing Keno online, rather than a physical Keno card. You, the player, will, fundamentally, have to go through the same procedure of selecting numbers and placing your bet, regardless of which version of the game you choose to enjoy.

Keno Normen Online

The dramatic evolution of technology over the past three decades has resulted in the advent of keno online and the migration of many casinos’ gaming offerings to the digital arena. Those who have played Keno in traditional casinos for a long time can be assured that the basic rules of the game have not changed substantially. Playing Keno on a digital card rather than a paper one is the only real difference between traditional Keno and online Keno.


Keno Online Game Guide

With CasinoTop10’s detailed guide, learning how to play keno is a breeze. Look at the guidelines down here!


Get a great bonus and play Online Keno when you join a reputable online casino.There are a number of benefits to playing Keno online as opposed to playing it in a physical location. In addition to the obvious convenience of being able to gamble without leaving the house, one of the best things about playing at an online keno casino is the likelihood of receiving a welcome bonus upon creating an account. In the end, this may mean extra cash for your gambling budget. You should be selective which online casino you join because you will only be eligible to earn a bonus once. If Keno is your favorite casino game, you’ll be happy to know that you can play it at the vast majority of online gambling establishments. If you’re looking for a great place to play Keno online, check out our curated list of sites that we’ve researched and ranked.

Select an Online Keno Game Type to Play.After you’ve signed up with your favourite online casino, it’s time to choose a Keno variation that fits your preferences. The standard version of Keno can be found at almost every online casino, but there are plenty of alternative variations to try if you become bored. Check out the numerous Keno variations listed below:

Balloon Game Keno, Circus Keno, Count Your Chicks, Critter Country Keno, Crossroads Keno, Fire Power Keno, Golden Hits, Liberty Stars, Redneck Keno, Super Spot Keno, and Thunder Power are just a few of the many Keno variations available.

You can play Keno by selecting numbers from a board.Choosing the numbers you think will be drawn first in a keno game is the first step after opening your preferred online Keno variant. You’ll use your mouse to pick your numbers in online keno. There are 80 numbers overall in the grid, and you can put a wager on anywhere from 1 to 20 of them. Following your instincts is the greatest course of action to take when carrying this out. This is because picking random numbers always produces unexpected results. In the end, it all comes down to good fortune.

Put your money where your mouth is!When choosing your numbers, be sure to wager on each and every one. Usually, you have to make the same wager on every single number. Let’s imagine you want to pick a group of 10 numbers, wager $10 per game, and push the ‘Play 5’ button. That means you’ll bet $50 on just five Keno games.


Keep in mind that there is absolutely no way to undo your wagering and pressing of the “Play” button. The figures are locked in and cannot be altered.

Await the Arrival of the Critical MassYou’ve made your final decision, so now you can kick back and wait for the winning numbers to come in! Online Keno uses a Random Number Generator to create numbers at random, just like the physical version of the game. The Keno game will display the drawn numbers and the corresponding rewards on the gaming screen.

Take Your Prizes NowIf you’ve had some good fortune and come out on top, it’s time to demand payment from the casino. Once you have the money in hand, you can put it to good use immediately or put it away for a later time. To cash out, you must first meet the casino’s wagering requirements, so keep that in mind. After that, you can use any of the casino’s supported withdrawal methods to collect your winnings. To learn more about the wagering conditions, visit our dedicated website.

Putting a “X” in the correct spot on a Keno ticket.

If you’re familiar with the rules of Keno and have played in land-based casinos before, you’ll know that each casino has its own unique take on the layout of a keno ticket. You’ll find that there are always 80 markable boxes on a Keno ticket. However, for each keno race, you will be able to mark anywhere from 1 to 20 spots. Additionally, the Keno ticket features additional boxes for things like the total price, price per game, number of games, and spots per game.


The Distinctive Features of Keno Tickets

If you’re a Keno rookie, it’s in your best interest to familiarize yourself with the variations in Keno tickets that may be found both online and off.


Simple and Direct

The straight ticket is one of the most popular choices in keno. As a player, all you have to do to get started is pick a single cluster of numbers, wager on that cluster, and decide how many games you want to play.



Separate Tickets

While straight tickets only enable wagers on one set of numbers, split tickets on the other hand allow wagers on two or more different sets of numbers. The only limitation of this ticket kind is that identical numbers can’t be utilized in different wagers. Once you’ve decided how many spaces will be devoted to each wager, cut down the middle to denote the cluster. Then, select the number of games, the total number of bets, and the number of positions for both games.



Exit Ticket

A way ticket is a keno ticket that can be used more than once to place separate wagers. In the end, this is a huge money- and time-saver. Once you’ve decided where to place your bets using a one-way ticket, you can organize them into groups. All teams need to be wagered on. If you’re playing one game, have three groups of places, and want to bet a dollar on each group of Keno locations, that comes to three dollars.



Two-Way Ticket Package

A player who chooses to combine groups of places by circling them or drawing a line in order to form different bets is said to have purchased a “combination way ticket.” You can divide up your bets and seating assignments as you like with this sort of ticket. You can place a $1 wager on a 3/2, 3/4, or 1/6 (Way/Spots), for instance. In practical terms, this amounts to $7 every game.



For the King’s Keno Tickets

King Keno Tickets are similar to split tickets in concept. When playing Keno with one of these tickets, though, you’ll need to pick a ‘king’ number that appears in every cluster of spots. You should expect a large reward if the king number is drawn.


Best and Worst Seats

To play a top/bottom ticket, simply circle the ‘T’ for the top half of the game and the ‘B’ for the bottom half, then circle the corresponding 40 numbers. The $5 bets on this ticket are a casino special. If you match 13 of the 20 numbers drawn and they fall within the half of the ticket you’ve chosen, you win.


Acquire a Working Knowledge of Keno Jargon

After you’ve mastered the rules of Keno, it’s time to brush up on the language. The jargon of Keno can be intimidating at first, but the phrases are easily learned and mastered. Check out the Keno Terms page on CasinoTop10 to learn the lingo and get started playing like a pro.


Wins From Keno

Although you play Keno with the expectation of a large payout, the casino has a substantial edge in this game of chance. The amount of money you’ll get if you win depends on a number of factors. Specifically, these are how many areas you’ve marked, how many spots you’ve struck, and, ultimately, how much money you’ve risked.


Remember that casinos have a cap on how much they will pay out in total for any given game. An online casino’s payout limit for a given game is often expressed as an accumulated payout. All of the money won in a single game is included here. To illustrate, if the total payoff from the casino is $100,000 and there are four winners, then each winner will receive $250,000.


True QuantitiesActual Odds of Payout

Get 4 of a kind1-to-2 8-to-1

Get 5 of a KindCatch 6 with a 3-to-1 or 30-to-1 shot.40-to-1 174-to-1

Get 7 of a Kind300-to-1 1700-to-1

The odds of catching all eight are 4,000 to 1.

Get 9 out of 1037,500-to-1 One million to one or more

Examining Keno’s Odds

You can see that the chances are not in your favor when playing keno. People are attracted to the game because they can risk only $2 in the hopes of winning thousands. This possibility of winning big for a low investment could make keno a fascinating game to play if you’re not in it to win it.


Read This Guide to Keno Before You Play for Real Money!

Playing casino games of chance in a physical venue requires travel, unnecessary costs to get there, payment of an expensive hotel, and fundamentally does not give you much privacy while gambling, even though the Keno Lounge at casinos is usually set apart from the loud slot machines and crowded tables. However, if anonymity and convenience are priorities, Keno online could be the way to go. Seeking a trustworthy virtual gambling establishment? If that’s the case, you’ll be pleased to know that there are numerous online casinos these days where you may play Keno for real money. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend some free time, CasinoTop10 has compiled a list of the best online casinos to play Keno at, complete with player ratings and feedback.